Lil Kim Net Worth

Lil Kim Net Worth

Lil Kim Net Worth (American Model, Actress, Rapper, Songwriter, and Producer)

Lil Kim Net Worth Lil Kim is a professional American model, actress, rapper, songwriter and producer. Lil Kim has spent hard time in her childhood years as she was expelled from her house and spent most of her adolescent life on the streets. Kim was inflated from “MC Lyte” & “The Lady of Rage” and started freestyle rap in her teenage years. In 1994, rapper The Notorious B.I.G introduced Lil Kim to his rap group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Lil Kim Net Worth is around $20 million according to some credible sources. Lil Kim later released group debut album “Conspiracy” along with group members, and the group produced 2 top 20 singles in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified as gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Lil Kim released her debut album “Hard Core” in 1996 and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The album sold 6 million copies worldwide and Lil Kim popularity graph dramatically increases. Lil Produced 3 successful singles “No Time”, “Not Tonight”, and “Crush on You” from the album. Lil Kim became Hollywood sensation after the release of her followings albums “The Notorious Kim” in 2000 and “La Bella Mafia” which she released in 2003. Both albums were recognized as certified platinum by Recording Industry Association of America.

Lil Kim Career Beginning

Kimberly Denise Jones was born in New York City, New York, United States of America on July 11, 1975, from Linwood Jones and Ruby Jones. In her childhood years, Lil Kim attended Queen of All Saints Elementary School in Brooklyn, New York. Kim was 9 years old when her parents were separated and later she was raised by her father, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship. Kim was kicked out of her home by her father and later was also dropped out of school and started living out on streets. While she was still a teen, Lil met with “Christopher Wallace”, who was a key figure in her artistic and personal life and professional career.

Lil Kim later attended J. Hale Vocational High School for two and a half year and it was the same school where rappers “Nas” and “Foxy Brwon” also attended. Jones was 19 years at the time when she was included in “Junior M.A.F.I.A” Brooklyn based group in 1994, and adopted the stage name “Lil’ Kim”. The group released only album “Conspiracy” on August 29, 1995, and debuted at number 8 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Lil Kim Net Worth is around $20 million according to current stats and figures. Lil Kim popularity graph dramatically increases after the Record Industry Association of America certified “Conspiracy” gold and its singles “Player’s Anthem”, “Get Money” were certified as gold and platinum.

Some Important Details about Lil Kim

Born Name Kimberly Denise Jones
Nick Name Lil’ Kim, Queen of Rap, Queen of hip-hop
Birthdate July 11, 1975
Sun Sign Cancer
Born Place New York City, New York, United States
Nationality American
Education Queen of All Saints High School, Brooklyn College Academy
Occupation Model, Actress, Rapper, and Songwriter
Manager Media Artist Group
Genre Hip Hop
Instruments Vocals
Labels E1 Music, Atlantic Records, Big Beast & International Rock Star
Build Average
Height 4 ft 11
Weight 55 kg
Spouse Shawn Powell, Christopher Wallace, Jay Z, Ray J, Scott Storch, Jamie Foxx, Papers and Desiinger
Ethnicity Black
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Measurements Chest – 39 in
Arms – 13.5 in
Waist – 36
Religion Ifa or Yoruba religion
First Film She’s All That
First Album Hard Core

Lil Kim Career Beginning

In 2001, Lil Kim featured with “Mya”, “Pink” and “Christina Aguilera” on the single “Lady Marmalade” which was originally recorded by LaBelle in 1975. The song peaked at number 1 position on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and 2 MTV Video Music Awards including Video of the Year Award, and a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. In 2005, Lil Kim was center stage of controversy when she was sentenced a yearlong prison for lying to the jury about her friend’s involvement in a shooting incident 4 years earlier. During her time in prison, Lil Kim 4th album was released and received positive critics from the audience and received the 5-star review from “The Source” making her the only female rapper in Hollywood history to achieve it.

Lil Kim in her beautiful professional career has sold more than 30 million singles and 15 million albums worldwide. Lil Kim Net Worth dramatically increases after the release of her 4th album. Lil Kim songs “No Time”, “Big Money Thang” and “Ladies Night” were listed on Complex Magazine’s “Top 50 Best Rap Songs By Women” list. Lil was later listed on VH1 100 Greatest Women in Music list and was placed at #45. Lil Kim Net Worth is around $20 million which is increasing day by day.

How much is Lil Kim Worth?

Year Net Worth
2013 $11 million
2014 $12 million
2015 $14 million
2016 $15 million
2017 $17 million
2018 $18 million
2019 $20 million

Is Lil Kim really confronted with Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj?

Foxy Brown released her second studio album “Chynna Doll” in 1999 and critics noted the track “My Life” in which Foxy cited the relationship being lost for pride with Lil Kim, but also contradicted herself after making attacks on “Pointed Mistress”. Critics indicated the records were in use of Lil Kim especially when Brown had been supporting Lil Kim rival “Faith Around”. On February 26, 2001, when Lil Kim had left the New York Radio Station Hot 97, a shooting incident broke out between two groups of three men. One of them was Capone who is a member of Capone- N-Noreaga and was trying to enter radio station in the promotion of interviewer DJ Clue’s album “The Professional 2”, which happened to also featured Lil Kim. A motive behind the shooting incident was later disclosed to “The New York Daily Times” that it was a result of the verses Foxy Brown recited in “Bang, Bang” and both parties from Lil Kim and Capone denied any involvement in the shooting. Lil Kim Net Worth is around $20 million according to some credible sources.

During the 4-year time span, Foxy and Kim began to exchange subtle arguments on each other including Lil Kim “La Bella Mafia”, “Quiet” and “Guess Who’s Back” and in turn, Foxy Brown’s 3 NA Na 2: The Fever and many mixtapes. Lil Kim was a center stage of controversy with Nicki Minaj when Nicki dissed Lil Kim in a title track “Hoodstars” which Kim noticing resemblances with her on the “Sucka Free mixtape”. Kim accused Nicki of copying her image by saying that “You have to pay if you are going to steal my swag, something gotta give. I will help you and in return, you will help me. That’s how it goes to me”.

Lil Kim Interesting Facts

  • In 2004, under the label of “Royalty By Lil Lim”, Lil Kim launched her designer watch collection and that watch was manufactured by iconic jeweler Jacob Arabo.  
  • Lil Kim released her first clothing line “Hollywood” in 2004 followed by another clothing line under the label of “24/7 Goddess Collection” in 2010.
  • Lil Kim launched her high profile shoe boutique in 2005, with the collaboration of “Petit Peton” to launch her exclusive range of female footwear.
  • Lil Kim was featured as a special character in the limited edition comic book “The Heist” by Marvel Comics and Atlantic Records in 2005.
  • Lil Kim was declared as the first lady of the brand as part of her endorsement deal with Ciroc Vodka and also revealed her signature cocktail as “Queen Bee”.
  • Lil Kim is the second rapper in Hollywood history to have at least three studio albums including “Hard Core”, “The Notorious Kim” and “La Bella Mafia” certified as gold.
  • Lil Kim was starred in a comedy movie “Scary Movie” but her scenes were removed from the movie in the final cut of the movie.
  • Lil Kim became the only solo female rapper in the Hollywood music industry, who made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001 after her single “Lady Marmalade”.
  • Kim was placed on the #34 spot by VH1 in the list featuring top “50 greatest Hip Hop Artists”.
  • Syracuse University runs a course “The Life and Times of Lil Kim”, which gives a deep insight into her life.
  • Lil Kim was offered the character “Evelyn” in comedy-drama movie “She Hate Me”, but she turned the opportunity as she felt that the role was bad for her.
  • Lil Kim lies to wear different colors of wigs and own more than 800 wigs and cost of each wig is estimated to be upwards $2000.
  • Lil Kim Net Worth is around $20 million which is increasing day by day.

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